Sunday, January 11, 2009

Swans, Ice, and Spinning Cars

So, my daughter decides to go on a walk to the park today with her friend. I said that was fine and off she went. She calls me about 30 minutes later to tell me there were some swans at the park and they were really pretty. I thought I would take Russ's advice and go shoot in the snow....what the heck! So I grab my bag and my new tripod and head to my car. To get to where my daughter saw the swans, I could either park on the street and make the long trek up some icy steps and down the bike trail or go through the cemetery and up a somewhat steep road going to the back of the cemetery. Guess which one I chose....that's right, the steep road. Idiot! My car got stuck halfway up, then started to slide backwards while I was in drive! And of course, no matter which way I turned the wheel, the car was going to slide in whatever direction it chose, which happened to be backward and right toward the guardrail. So I set there a minute trying to figure out what to do, all the while trying to go forward (not happening) backward (also not happening) and praying I didn't slide anymore. So I finally decide to try to turn the car and I put it in drive, turned the wheel really hard to the right and went spinning and sliding down the road SIDEWAYS! Let me just say, I almost peed myself and I was shaking pretty hard. Finally, I get back down the hill, park on the road, and go the way I should have gone, but I did get some really pretty pictures of the swans.....after my hands stopped shaking so bad. Live and learn!


Russ Martin (AKA "The Online Guy") said...

Sometimes its the adventure of the hunt that is the most fun. Nice captures and a great story thanks for sharing.

Kimberly said...

Russ has some great advice. I don't get out nearly as much as I should (besides the backyard) when the weather is like this. I definitely avoid shooting while it's snowing because I don't want to get my camera and lens wet.